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Our experienced staff gives you an insider’s look at their favorite toys, why they love them, and what’s makes them a great gift for kids. They’re here to share their toy experience as parents, siblings, grandparents, and long time toy lovers to help parents and friends choose the highest quality toys for their favorite young ones.

Puzzle through the Rainbow – A Crazy Colorful Staff Review

Tweet If you like the classic Sudoku game (like I do), you will fall head over heels for the colorful ColorKu Game by Mad Cave Bird Games! A perfect game for individuals who love numbers, colors, brain teasers, or just an exciting challenge, Colorku takes the boring black and white game of Sudoku and adds […]

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Morphibians Have Invaded our House! – A Stealthy and Speedy Staff Review

Tweet As a kid, one of my favorite types of toys was anything remote controlled. Maybe it was simply the idea that I was controlling something that was down the street or the enjoyment I received sneaking up on my sister – but I loved (and do still love) remote control toys. So of course […]

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Automoblox, the Mighty Mini – A “Vroom Vroom” Staff Review

Tweet Between my two adorable nephews and a ton of cousins, I’ve learned that interfering with a kid and his or her toy car is downright dangerous! But, surrounded by car-loving kids, I’ve seen every car you can think of – pocket-sized, ride-ons, noise makers, and magic movers. Improving the awesome idea of a toy […]

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Monkey See, Monkey Do – A “Dress Me Up” Staff Review

Tweet My daughter has always called her tiny toddler, Desi, her “little monkey.” And what do monkeys do? They imitate the actions of those around them, which is handy when little ones work on developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination and reasoning. Consequently, there’s no bigger incentive to tempt a toddler to learn these important skills […]

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Iggy, Kiko, Pipa and Tias – the New Beatles of the Play Room! – A Silly Seating Staff Review

Tweet Play rooms should always have certain items designed for function and fun – a toy chest, books, tons of toys, and a cozy place perfect for kids to sit, read, draw, and play. But, just because adults are used to traditional tables and chairs, doesn’t mean that the play room has to follow those […]

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Shake and Search the Day Away – A Glitz & Glamour Staff Review

Tweet Whether you’re going to visit the kids’ grandparents who live 3 hours away or trying to keep your kids focused on something other than cookies at the grocery store, there never seems to be a toy that can handle the challenge…until now! The Find It Glitz & Glamour Game from Find It Games is […]

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