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Our experienced staff gives you an insider’s look at their favorite toys, why they love them, and what’s makes them a great gift for kids. They’re here to share their toy experience as parents, siblings, grandparents, and long time toy lovers to help parents and friends choose the highest quality toys for their favorite young ones.

A Puzzling Adventure, Captain! – A Global Staff Review

Tweet Kids can join the ranks of famous adventurers, including Columbus and Magellan as they sail the ocean, circle the globe, and – most importantly – build their very own “world” to explore! Globe trotters, high-sea adventurers, and puzzle enthusiasts can all claim a piece of The Earth Puzzleball from Ravensburger – the real-to-life mini-globe […]

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Unlock a Zoo of Color and Fun – A Lock and Latch Staff Review

Tweet My little granddaughter, Desi, is a rambunctious bundle of joy whose little hands love to explore and play. Whether she’s turning locks or opening cupboards, this tiny tot never slows down – so neither can I! For weary parents, and grandparents, the Wooden Latches Board from Melissa and Doug combines every aspect of unlatching […]

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A Garbage Truck Tough Enough for Any Child! – A Bruder Staff Review

Tweet When I was a kid, one of my favorite days was garbage day! Yes, I would sit in the front yard and wait for the garbage man to come so I could watch him use – what I considered – the coolest truck in the world and take away all our trash. The garbage […]

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These Webbed Feet are made for Walking – A Ducky Staff Review

Tweet Watching young ones waddle along is a sweet sight – especially when they have a waddling friend to guide them! And parents know that anytime you can add a toy to an everyday activity, kids are more likely to keep at it, which helps turn a teetering toddler into a wonderful walker in no […]

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Crafty Cards, Crazy Characters, and Rampaging Randomness – A Quelf Staff Review

Tweet “Using household items, construct a mask worthy of a Halloween party. Wear the mask until you land on a green space” – sound like something you could handle doing? Ok, what about putting 5 ice cubes down your pants until you can roll a 6? These are just two of the crazy “Stuntz” you […]

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Furry, Functional and Fun-loving – A “Beastly” Staff Review

Tweet Traveling with younger kids is exhausting, both mentally and physically – with emphasis on physically. Why, you ask? From comfort necessities such as soft pillows, fuzzy blankets and kids favorite stuffed animals to “keep them entertained” necessities such as crayons, coloring books, reading books, and hand-held toys, parents have a ton to carry with […]

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