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Our experienced staff gives you an insider’s look at their favorite toys, why they love them, and what’s makes them a great gift for kids. They’re here to share their toy experience as parents, siblings, grandparents, and long time toy lovers to help parents and friends choose the highest quality toys for their favorite young ones.

Junior Stomp Rocket Toy

High-Flying Junior Stomp Rocket Makes a Great Gift

Tweet This year, as always, I filled up two Easter baskets for my nephews with a ton of toys from Growing Tree Toys! I typically grab a few small items and then one special gift. Brady is in love with his Automoblox minis collection, so I knew what to get him. But I struggled for […]

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Build it Up and Tear it Down: Fun with the Ball of Whacks!

Tweet Ever since, well, the beginning, humans have looked at the world around them and contemplated how it could be innovated. Better yet, people have always looked for new ways to have fun! One the great toy puzzles we carry, the Ball of Whacks, is a product of just that kind of forward thinking. The […]

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And Now I Know That the Heaviest Horse in the World Weighed 3360 lbs!

Tweet I checked into the “I Love Horses Coloring and ARTivity Book” from Creativity for Kids this weekend. It’s recommended for ages 3 to 93. I’m sure lots of girls my age like to color and some probably even spend 5 hours on a Sunday morning alone in the kitchen, coloring horses, and drinking pots […]

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A Pleasantly Sticky Staff Review: The Bubble Gum Factory Science Kit

Tweet One company has constantly stuck out to me as having fun and interesting toys: Scientific Explorer. With a range of science kits spanning from perfume to magic, the series has experiments for nearly every child ages 6 and up. I’ve heard a few horror stories about projects similar to the Bubble Gum Factory, sometimes […]

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The Settlers of Catan

Warning: The Settlers of Catan is Highly Addictive.

Tweet The last four years of my life are invested in playing The Settlers of Catan. Sure, I did other things like eat and sleep. I guess I went to college. It’s really all a blur with pockets of clarity representing the hours I spent trading sheep cards for wheat cards on Catan. This simply […]

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Colorful Shopping Carts

Grocery Shop in Style with Melissa & Doug: A Staff Review

Tweet A few years back, my hometown grocery store, Albertsons, made some strong efforts to make the often-mundane shopping experience just a little more “fun,” in the broadest sense of the term. One element of this was strictly for the kids: metal shopping carts in just their size. The store probably only had two dozen […]

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