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Classic Game Night

Looking For An Easy School Fundraiser? Consider A Gamewright GameNight!

Tweet I loved Ratatat Cat from Gamewright when I was in elementary school. It’s a game that combines memory and strategy with anthropomorphic rats and cats. If I couldn’t convince anyone to play it with me, sometimes I just looked at the illustrations on the cards and imagined things about the characters. Gamewright makes awesome […]

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Lanyards: A Crafty Way to Keep Hands and Minds Busy

Tweet Arts and crafts sometimes get a bad rap for being messy, or requiring a lot of tools or supplies to complete a project. Lanyards – a great craft for girls and boys – is generally fuss-free! I recognize the craft as “lanyards,” but there are many more names. Its primary moniker is “Scoubidou,” a […]

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Ready, Aim, Fire: Archery for Kids

Tweet Archery is fun sport that supports hand-eye coordination, concentration and teamwork. In an article from Minnesota Bowhunter’s, Inc. they make an excellent point: “As a person grows older and plays less football and other team sports requiring a lot of strength and physical activity (we do usually have to work the next day), archery […]

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Bedtime Story by Mary G. Smith

Learning the Art of Bedtime Stories

Tweet Children who regularly listen to bedtime stories can learn to be more attentive at school and use their imaginations to visualize language. When the brain is resting before sleep, positive messages have a better chance of sticking in kids’ minds to influence and comfort them throughout life. Of all the ways and places that […]

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