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The Cupcake Sleepover Guide

Tweet Just as with hosting a sleepover for boys, keep the group small (3-5 girls) and plan the party for a Friday night. A girls sleepover can be tons of fun with a CUPCAKE THEME! Here are some ideas for your own Sweet Dreams Sleepover! • Before the party, get a pair of cool socks […]

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The Sleepover Guide

Tweet Part Three: Hosting a Sleepover for a Group of Boys I’ve been on a mission to find out what makes a good sleepover party for boys. I am not a boy, so I’ve resorted to asking all of my male friends what they did at sleepovers when they were young. Sadly, each time the […]

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The Sleepover Guide

Tweet Oh, so you made it back! Welcome to part two of Growing Tree’s five part Sleepover Guide. If you missed it, last Wednesday I discussed some positive developmental aspects of sleepovers. Today I’m offering some guidelines to help identify when a child is ready for a sleepover away from home and how to prepare […]

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Pizza Ingredients

Plan a Pizza Party for a Fun Family Night

Tweet Kids help with dinner. Minimal cleanup. And fun… on a weeknight? Plan a pizza party! The best part – each person gets their own pizza just the way they like it. Step 1: The dough. Of course you could prep the dough in advance: freeze balls of dough in individual servings, or parbake rounds […]

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Wedding at the Zoo

Making Weddings Fun for Kids!

Tweet Weddings are an often wonderful commemoration of a couple’s union and upcoming lives together. But, do you ever stop to think what kids think of weddings? I’ve nervously sat through enough in my life to know that often, “fun” isn’t really on the menu. When my then-fiance and I started planning our wedding, we […]

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The Sleepover Guide

Tweet And now we turn our attention to the sleepover, one of nature’s strangest phenomena. A human child or a group of human children leave the comfort of their parents’ homes for a night, sleep on another child’s floor and drive the parents crazy. Well, over the next five weeks I’ll share a collection of […]

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