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Do you remember …? We do! Take a ride with us down memory lane as we reminisce about those “way back when” toys that made our childhood the best years of our lives! Join us as we explore our favorite “old school” commercials, unlock toy history, and remember the moments that made each toy special.

Have your Pie and Play with it too! – Take Me Back Tuesday remembers the Frisbee

Tweet I’m not graceful or coordinated, but I can catch a Frisbee (most of the time), and throw it straight on a good day –though I haven’t improved much since I was six-years-old. I’d spend lazy Saturdays planted in my backyard exerting all my energy to concentrate on throwing the Frisbee nice and straight only […]

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Are you a Code Maker, a Code Breaker, or an Overall Strategic Failure? – Take Me Back Tuesday remembers the Mastermind Game

Tweet Quality time with my dad was unforgettable when we played the Mastermind Game – after all, how many people forget the most infuriating and frustrating game of their childhood? To be fair, the main problem when it came to playing Mastermind was my darling dad, who was the most intense and focused brain teaser/strategy […]

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Did you conquer the Cube (or fail miserably, like me)? – Take Me Back Tuesday remembers the Rubik’s Cube

Tweet My reign as a puzzle master ended the day my mom gave me the Rubik’s Cube. She saw it as a challenge for someone of my skill, while I saw it as an unsolvable, infuriating piece of plastic that I’d spend hours every day trying to master. I was intrigued, and annoyed, as I […]

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