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Do you remember …? We do! Take a ride with us down memory lane as we reminisce about those “way back when” toys that made our childhood the best years of our lives! Join us as we explore our favorite “old school” commercials, unlock toy history, and remember the moments that made each toy special.

Do Not Pass Go; Do Not Collect $200 – Take Me Back Tuesday remembers Monopoly

Tweet For unlucky individuals, “Do not pass go; Do not collect $200” is the most terrifying phrase of the money-loving game – Monopoly! A game that has allowed generations of people to buy and sell their way to the top without spending a dime, Monopoly appeals to the capitalist in all of us! I mean, […]

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Bean Bags and Tic-Tac-Toe – Take Me Back Tuesday remembers the Toss Across

Tweet As a toddler, there was nothing I loved more than playing Tic-Tac-Toe on my refrigerator with those boring yellow magnetic X’s and O’s; after all, when you play by yourself, you’re always the winner. In spite of my one-sided victories, my interest in Tic-Tac-Toe became an obsession (especially when I was victorious against other […]

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Word Play, Strategy, and a Big Game Sanctioned Dictionary – Take Me Back Tuesday remembers Scrabble

Tweet Scrabble was my favorite childhood game – when I played with my friends. But, if I challenged my dad to a “friendly” game, it turned into the Scrabble scene from The Wedding Planner when Mary dominates the board. I quote, “E-A-R-W-A-X. “X” on a double letter, “E” on a triple word – 72 points!” […]

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Bounce and Spring the Day Away – Take Me Back Tuesday Remembers the Pogo Stick

Tweet I treasure the day that I passed down my beautiful bouncing Pogo Stick to my little sister because (I admit) it gave me the smallest glint of pleasure watching her fail bounce – at all! My sweet little sister fell like a rock every time she hopped on those pastel footpads (oops!). This isn’t […]

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Round versus Ribbit – Take Me Back Tuesday Remembers Mr. Mouth

Tweet I remember playing Mr. Mouth in my basement with my sister, who wasn’t known for her hand-eye coordination, so I was usually victorious. I used to shoot multiple pieces at once (some of which would actually go in the mouth) and make up my own rules to keep the game interesting. But, those who […]

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A Hop, Skip and a Jump – Take Me Back Tuesday remembers the Skip It

Tweet I remember the catchiest jingle I had ever heard as a child with this unforgettable first line: “Hey now kids come gather round, see what just skipped into town” – so of course I had to see it, had to play with it and had to master it! I’m talking about the perfectly plastic, […]

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