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Do you remember …? We do! Take a ride with us down memory lane as we reminisce about those “way back when” toys that made our childhood the best years of our lives! Join us as we explore our favorite “old school” commercials, unlock toy history, and remember the moments that made each toy special.

Fighters, to Your Corners – Take Me Back Tuesday remembers Rock em Sock em Robots

Tweet I admit it – my grandparents lived to spoil their grandchildren. They created the basement of every child’s dreams, making it one of my favorite places to visit and play with my siblings and my cousins. In addition to the wonderfully retro 8-Track player to provide a nostalgic soundtrack for playtime, their basement featured […]

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Ping Pong Goes Extreme – Take Me Back Tuesday remembers Gnip Gnop

Tweet “You’re trying to out-Gnip him, While he’s trying to out-Gnop you!”  I had never tried to “Gnip” or to “Gnop,” but recently I was introduced to the classic game when a friend coaxed me into playing it with her on the floor of a small antique toy store. I was instantly hooked on the […]

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Yes, No, Maybe So – Take Me Back Tuesday remembers the Magic 8 Ball

Tweet It was always a life or death situation when I resorted to asking the Magic 8 Ball for advice. I would hold it in my hands, sweat glistening on my brow, wondering whether the little black ball would deliver good news to the ultimate questions: Does (insert name) like me? Did I pass my […]

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This Spud was a Stud! – Take Me Back Tuesday remembers Mr. Potato Head

Tweet I remember a time when playing with your food was fun (I still enjoy playing with my food in fact), and when fashion and function blended together to create a toy unlike any other. I’m talking about the perfectly plastic, spud stud himself – Mr. Potato Head! And, how did this phenomenon begin? Here […]

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Take Me Back Tuesday remembers How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Tweet I may be a serious teacher in training, but nothing makes me happier than to act like a kid again, especially during the holiday season. During this time of year, most people (excluding Scrooges) revert back to their childhood as they put up shiny decorations and watch their favorite Christmas specials. Though I’m unwilling […]

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The Luck of the Draw – Take Me Back Tuesday remembers the Uno Game

Tweet To this day I am the reigning Uno champion among my family and my friends. While most of them say that my luck is too good to be true (ahem… that I cheated), I say that I’m merely lucky – lucky enough to attract most “Draw Four” and “Wild” cards in the pile. I […]

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