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Do you remember …? We do! Take a ride with us down memory lane as we reminisce about those “way back when” toys that made our childhood the best years of our lives! Join us as we explore our favorite “old school” commercials, unlock toy history, and remember the moments that made each toy special.

Remembering an Elastic Multitasker

Tweet I can’t think of another toy that has such a specific use for both indoors and out, but is just as fun wherever you choose to play it. I’m talking about none other than a Chinese Jump Rope! For several years of my young life, I wouldn’t go anywhere without my purple and green […]

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Take Me Back Tuesday: Train Set Rivalry

Tweet Growing up, my brother and I constantly struggled to find common interests. My Christmas and birthday presents were typically the newest and most popular video games, while my brother’s presents included “toys” such as a Dremel tool and a Shop-Vac (I doubt I will ever see a 12 year old get so excited over […]

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The Force

Take Me Back Tuesday: The One and Only Weapon of A Jedi Knight

Tweet In the summer of 1997 in a galaxy far, far away an internal power struggle was creating disturbances in the Force. It was a vicious battle of good against good. Jedi tore through back yards, jumping out of tree forts and wielding improvised weapons as we brutally destroyed our best friends. It was the […]

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Pairing Pictures – Take Me Back Tuesday remembers the Memory Game

Tweet I remember when I was little and couldn’t remember anything! No, really. Whether you asked me what TV show I had watched an hour before or where I’d put my favorite toy, my brain refused to remember. One night my dad (as part of a joke, I’ve no doubt) brought home the infamous game […]

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Cardboard Imagination and Paper Creations – Take Me Back Tuesday remembers Paper Dolls

Tweet I loved playing with my cousin’s china dolls (which she did not love me doing) because I didn’t have any unique dolls of my own. So, on my fifth birthday, she gave me a set of paper dolls with oodles of bright and colorful clothing that she made herself – it was the perfect […]

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Blue is Back! – Take Me Back Tuesday remembers the Smurfs

Tweet I refused to wear any color except the color blue until I was four, not because I hated all other colors, but because I wanted to be a Smurf! I would run around the playground wearing dark blue jeans, a light blue t-shirt, my cool blue shoes, and my favorite puffy blue jacket pretending […]

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