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For us, toys and the people who love them are all about having fun. After all, we’re a bunch of goofs! Let us show you what makes us say, “Wow” when it comes to kids, toys, and “way back when!” Because while we are about selling fun toys, we all known people need more “fun” in their lives!

Kids Playing

10 Ideas for Creating an Easy Neighborhood Field Day

Tweet A low-key neighborhood field day is a great way to recreate, exercise and have fun! Spending time outdoors with your kids will set a healthy example and organizing an epic field day for the families in your neighborhood can be as easy as planning a few activities and grabbing some burgers. Here are 10 […]

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Learning About Death and Loss Through Play

Tweet Artist, writer and graphic designer, David Barringer has assembled a Bug Funeral Kit that includes an instructional burial scroll and a book of eulogies written by children for their deceased insects. His Funeral Kit is marketed toward adults, but it’s a toy that I would have loved when I was mummifying bees, grasshoppers and […]

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Tom James plays with an early Slinky

It’s Fun for a Girl or a Boy!

Tweet Here in Happy Valley, the big thing of course is Penn State University. So when you say “Penn State” most think Joe Paterno and football, ice cream and farmland, probably. Add the Slinky to that list as 1938 Penn State graduate and mechanical engineer, Richard James, inadvertently created one of the world’s most fun […]

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Jon Remembers His Beautiful Playhouse, Err umm, His Tough Spy Fort

Tweet With spring in the air it brings back a lot of outdoor memories from my childhood. When I was a child and the weather turned warm, I was outside all the time. And in my younger years you could usually find me in one place – my fort! When it comes to a child’s […]

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Eraser Day

Fun April Events for Your Family!

Tweet Well, if you didn’t already know, yesterday’s fun blog post was our salute to April Fool’s Day! Now that your calendar is turned to April, we wanted to highlight some special (and fun!) days and observances in the fourth month of the year. Celebrate all month long. April is also National ___ Month! So […]

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Tragic Norwegian Toy Maker “Ruins” Landscapes with Gigantic Versions of Familiar Toys

Tweet At a press conference on February 4, 2010, Norwegian financial investment wizard and billionaire, Sebastian Oksnes announced that he will be pursuing a new line of work—creating giant toys and putting them around his native country. Oksnes is known in Norway for his eccentricities, and Norwegians were unsure whether they should take his announcement […]

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