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For us, toys and the people who love them are all about having fun. After all, we’re a bunch of goofs! Let us show you what makes us say, “Wow” when it comes to kids, toys, and “way back when!” Because while we are about selling fun toys, we all known people need more “fun” in their lives!

Witch in Pink

Top 10 Classic Kids’ Costumes

Tweet Do you remember what it was like to be afraid of the dark? As a kid I went to sleep every night with my entire body under the blankets, despite the stuffiness. I ran through random images I’d seen on the television, like the wolf’s head looking upside down through a window next to […]

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Domino Rally!

Tweet Despite the sheer inability to keep a steady hand, setting up a Domino Rally was one of my favorite things to do growing up. I never managed to construct anything like the following videos, but it was always a fun experience — even though it almost always ended abruptly with an unexpected earthquake (also […]

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Juggling Like You’ve Never Seen It Before!

Tweet I’ve always enjoyed watching those “other sports” on TV, like World’s Strongest Man, billiards, and darts. It’s neat that certain sports and competitions, such as the Spelling Bee and Sportsmen competitions have become more mainstream. Though it’s been a few years since I’ve caught it on television, my favorite of all these sports has […]

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George Hansburg

Do You Know What’s New?

Tweet Those of you readers signed up for email updates from Growing Tree Toys will find out what’s new in our latest email, going out today, which is full of new brands and new toys. Some of them just came in for the first time this week! The email will highlight some of the latest […]

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Happy Magic Friday!

Tweet I love The Labyrinth, but I watch this specific scene on youtube at least once a week. I hope it puts you in a good mood! There is a simple game I used to make my friends play (ok I still do). I think kids might like it too. It goes like this: Adult: […]

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Top 5 Sources for Kid-Friendly News & Info Online

Tweet My fingers have been glued to a keyboard or mouse longer than I can remember. In my school days, it was frankly unusual to use programs like Kid Pix and Paint to complete school projects, or to use digital dictionaries and the nascent Internet for research, but I enjoyed utilizing the technology of the […]

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