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For us, toys and the people who love them are all about having fun. After all, we’re a bunch of goofs! Let us show you what makes us say, “Wow” when it comes to kids, toys, and “way back when!” Because while we are about selling fun toys, we all known people need more “fun” in their lives!

“Yell At Your Grandma to Drive After It!”

Tweet It’s always difficult to let go of childhood toys, but after over 11 months of work, Fred Keller and Judy Foster recently proved you don’t always have to. The couple from Anchorage Alaska recently converted their 1976 Maza B1600 pick-up into a fully functioning, street legal, Radio Flyer wagon! Check out this awesome video […]

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Awesome Pumpkin Carvings & Displays

Tweet If you haven’t yet – it’s not too late – but it’s time to carve a pumpkin! Here are some unbelievable examples of how pumpkin carving can be taken to the extreme! The most impressive array of pumpkin carvings has to be at the Keene Pumpkin Festival® in Keene, New Hampshire. The festival began […]

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Max Smiling

The Amazing Max: A Growing Tree Toys Amazing Kids Post

Tweet Seven-year-old Max loves the colors purple and brown, Toyota Siennas, spaghetti and car washes. His very cute smile will always brighten my mood when I’m tired of writing product descriptions. And Max has special powers. Shortly after Max was born he suffered a bilateral stroke, which resulted in his having cerebral palsy. Ellen Seidman, […]

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10 Silly, Amazing and Creative Homemade Halloween Costumes

Tweet My mom always made our Halloween’s special by sewing amazing costumes. But even if you aren’t a genius with a sewing machine all it takes is a little creativity to make a kids costume that delights. I’ve collected some inspiration for you here. The links take you back to the original source of the […]

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I Hope Your House is a Fun House!

Tweet In my informal surveys, I’ve found that not enough people remember, or are even aware of the one and only Fun House! Hosted by the quite quirky JD Roth, Fun House was in many ways your typical 80’s kids game show. Considered a bit of a Double Dare clone, Fun House sure had one […]

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Meet the Zozobra: The World’s Largest Puppet!

Tweet There are world records of all kinds, like the longest model train, largest cardboard box, and even the most books typed backwards. But have you seen the world’s largest puppet? Since 1712, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Fiestas de Santa Fe is held. One of the primary elements of this celebration is the […]

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