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As a lover of all things toys, we have a special place in our hearts for those larger than life, crazy toy creations that make us stop and say, “Whoa!” Take a look at our favorites and be amazed by what toys can do, create, or lead to when at the hands of inventive kids, and adults!

Hildegard Gunzel and the Gotz Artist Doll Collection

Tweet Not many people would drop 700 dollars on a toy, but the dolls in the Gotz Artist Dolls Collection frequently sell for that much and sometimes even more. Only several hundred each of these limited edition dolls are ever produced. They have real human hair, mouth blown glass eyes and handmade clothing. Some look […]

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A Sea Shore Showcase – Magnificent Sand Sculptures

Tweet The fact is – sand gets everywhere! Whether you’re playing in a sandbox or lounging on the beach, sand will cling to every piece of cloth, it will fill every visible and unknown crevice, and it will provide hours of building amusement for youngsters and adults … who could ask for more? I loved […]

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Pumped About Pipe Cleaners – A New Twist on a Craft Classic

Tweet I’ll never forget the scraggly pre-school pipe cleaners that plagued my beautiful art projects! Sure, pipe cleaners were perfect to use as the arms and legs of paper projects, or to make cute animals, but when they touched a glob of glue their soft fuzz would shrivel and all but disappear. These less-than-fuzzy pipe […]

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Fanciful, Frozen Masterpieces – An Ode to Ice Sculptures

Tweet It’s hard, it’s cold, it’s beautiful – how else would you describe ice? Well, perhaps you could also say that ice is sparkling, mesmerizing, and unique! Whether a winter wonderland is your favorite way to enjoy the holiday season – or the cold has you wearing six layers of clothing to beat the frostbite, […]

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A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words (And I Have Eight!) – An Ode to Sidewalk Chalk Creations

Tweet It seems as though sidewalk chalk has been around since the beginning of time – it’s always been here whether white or colorful. I used to spend hours as a kid coloring stick figures on my driveway and playing hopscotch on the sidewalk (it was always a “I don’t know what to do” activity), […]

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Risk it all for the sake of Geography and History Education

Tweet Remember when your parents tried to sneak vegetables onto your plate and thought you wouldn’t notice? Just as you wouldn’t eat those vegetables because they were ‘good for you,’ students won’t learn ‘because they have to,’ especially difficult subjects such as geography. I’ve never had a strong grasp on geography, which is apparent when […]

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