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As a lover of all things toys, we have a special place in our hearts for those larger than life, crazy toy creations that make us stop and say, “Whoa!” Take a look at our favorites and be amazed by what toys can do, create, or lead to when at the hands of inventive kids, and adults!

George Hansburg

Do You Know What’s New?

Tweet Those of you readers signed up for email updates from Growing Tree Toys will find out what’s new in our latest email, going out today, which is full of new brands and new toys. Some of them just came in for the first time this week! The email will highlight some of the latest […]

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Friedrich Froebel’s Gifts and Education through Play

Tweet Friedrich Froebel had beautiful ideas about early childhood development. In 1837 he opened the first kindergarten in Bad Blankenburg with the belief that young children would benefit from an education that incorporated self-expression, creativity, social activity, motor ability and work. Froebel believed that education relates to all capabilities of each child: imaginative, creative, symbolic, […]

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Alex Hochstrasser

Bilibo at the Museum of Modern Art

Tweet Bilibo has become something of a global sensation in the 9 years following its birth, winning toy and design awards in Germany, Switzerland, the US and the UK. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Bilibo is now being featured in an exhibit at the MoMA. It’s part of Shape Lab, an interactive […]

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Two Amazing Cardboard Play Houses (And One Apartment)

Tweet My favorite toy at Growing Tree Toys is the Casa Cabana House, a plain-white cardboard playhouse. It’s a space that kids can use in any way they choose. It can be painted or wallpapered like a dream house. You could glue toys, jewels, fur and feathers all over it to complete a more abstract […]

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Learning About Death and Loss Through Play

Tweet Artist, writer and graphic designer, David Barringer has assembled a Bug Funeral Kit that includes an instructional burial scroll and a book of eulogies written by children for their deceased insects. His Funeral Kit is marketed toward adults, but it’s a toy that I would have loved when I was mummifying bees, grasshoppers and […]

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Tragic Norwegian Toy Maker “Ruins” Landscapes with Gigantic Versions of Familiar Toys

Tweet At a press conference on February 4, 2010, Norwegian financial investment wizard and billionaire, Sebastian Oksnes announced that he will be pursuing a new line of work—creating giant toys and putting them around his native country. Oksnes is known in Norway for his eccentricities, and Norwegians were unsure whether they should take his announcement […]

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