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Whether they’re breaking records, performing crazy stunts, or showing off their unusual skills, kids prove time and again that no record is safe, no stunt is too scary, and no talent is too silly. Why? These extremely amazing kids show dedication, a drive to succeed, and cool accomplishments.

Up, up and … Oh No He Didn’t?! – A New Way to Play with the Pogo Stick

Tweet You may love the Pogo Stick, but were you ever brave (or crazy) enough to do more than jump up and down? For those us, who played it safe when it came to Pogo Sticks, take a good look at the Guinness World Record holder who took jumping sky high to new heights! Jumping […]

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Bringing Back Boogie Nights – Jazz Hands that Are Here to Stay

Tweet I’ve played the piano for years, and though I can belt out a pretty tune after weeks of pain-staking practice, I can’t compare to 11-year-old Edwin – the oldest jazz soul in a little boy body that I’ve ever seen. Plus, he is completely self-taught! One of the most enthusiastic commanders of the ivory […]

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One “Egg”-cellent Kid – A Home Grown Cup Stacking Sensation

Tweet What do stacking plastic cups in pyramids and eggs have in common? Fourteen year old, speed-stacking sensation Luke Myers! Myers, an Eden Prairie, MN native, is ranked second in the world at the lightening-fast sport known as speed-stacking – a title earned after years of non-stop practice and competitive competition. After receiving world-wide recognition […]

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