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Whether they’re breaking records, performing crazy stunts, or showing off their unusual skills, kids prove time and again that no record is safe, no stunt is too scary, and no talent is too silly. Why? These extremely amazing kids show dedication, a drive to succeed, and cool accomplishments.

A Nine Year Old’s Amazing Golden Goal

Tweet The highly entertaining 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia came to a close with a thrilling gold medal game in men’s hockey between the United States and host Canada. In what was the most publicized and popular hockey game since the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” U.S. victory over the then-U.S.S.R., the commentators acknowledged […]

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Hands-Down Entertainment on Wheels – The New Way to Handstand

Tweet My first handstand attempt at 6 years old: I was standing barefoot on the edge of the hard blue gym mat with my hands held shakily in front of me. Taking a step forward to brace myself, I placed my hands on the mat and pushed my feet in the air (but they didn’t […]

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Two Talented Toddlers – A Capital Genius and Finger Painting Picasso

Tweet According to my parents, I learned to read whole books when I was 2 (it was probably closer to 3), I learned to walk at 9 months (which is true), and I was “oh so smart and talented!” What did you expect? They are my loving parents. While I believe I was a rather […]

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Bounce, Pounce, and Flip – A New Action Sport for our Gymnic Hop Balls

Tweet I remember the good old days when extreme sports were skateboarding and skydiving, but as more kids and adults attempt to conquer extreme sports, sport innovators reinventing the concept of “extreme” in hopes of out-performing everyone else. While trying to create a sport no one has ever seen before, one amazing kid has combined […]

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Guinness World Record Day Takes the Globe by Storm!

Tweet Yesterday, thousands of people around the globe spent the entire day attempting to break completely obscure and unbelievable records during the 5th annual Guinness World Record Day – and I missed it! Though I wasn’t fortunate enough to participate in any number of this year’s amazing record shattering events and world-record attempts, let’s take […]

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Colorful Beads, Giant Rubber Bands, and a Mega Meatball – A World Record Trilogy

Tweet When I was eight, I swore that one day I would break a world record and be showered with eternal glory (ah, the certainty of youth)! However, while I’m still searching for that elusive World Record title, the eastern United States is bursting with record breaking hijinks!   All good things come in three’s […]

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