Cash, Coupons and Credit – A Real World Toy Experience with the Teaching Cash Register

The grocery store, the coffee shop, the toy store. Kids, from an early age, start visiting these places and watching their parents shop, and ultimately, buy from an associate at the checkout register. And once they get to that magical early pre-school age, they want to start imitating mom and dad’s daily tasks, including the all important job of shopping. And no toy is more perfect to help them with their shopping lists than the Teaching Cash Register Toy from Learning Resources – a great pretend play toy that also teaches children important skills and educational lessons.


The first function that this Teaching Cash Register Toy serves is as a pretend play toy for the youngest of preschoolers – allowing them to press buttons, “ring” up customers, play with money, and swipe credit cards. And while they may have no idea how to count change or do simple math, the joy of the noises and sounds will keep them more than entertained. And, this provides parents the opportunity to be “customers” in their child’s world, all while helping to teach them about how shopping works and the concept of paying for items that they need. These lessons can even be reinforced – and we see this all the time at our store – by encouraging young ones to provide money with an item they want to purchase to an associate at the cash register. While they don’t know the math behind the transaction, this step helps them understand the process!


While this Teaching Cash Register Toy still offers amazing pretend play opportunities for growing children, once preschoolers start understanding basic math, counting, and money skills, this toy provides a whole new level of play value. Parents can then throw different mathematical elements into their pretend shopping, by associating costs to different items, and asking children to “ring them up” for an order total. This game can start simply, with parents providing the exact money amount and teaching children how the money adds up to reach their total. And, as math skills improve, this game can incorporate children providing change to adults based on the money amount provided. While kids are learning to do some of this math in their heads, the Teaching Cash Register also helps to reinforce those math skills with noises and words, which encourages kids to keep playing with this math machine.

And, when parents are not playing with children and helping them with their math, the cash register includes 4 different games that help improve math and money skills in a fun and interactive way. Once kids master the money counting tasks of this toy, all that remains is for parents to put these skills to the test. We know that the first time children go to the counter and pay for an item – and completely understand the costs, the money needed, and the change issued – is a very proud moment in their lives. And, playing with the Teaching Cash Register not only prepares them for the task, but gives them the confidence to know that they can do it right.


Best of all, the lessons learned with this toy are something that a parent can share with children, teaching them not only the etiquette involved with shopping, but the money component of this daily task as well. And, since the Teaching Cash Register Toy is a toy that grows with children from the early pretend play stage to the learning and math stage, it makes this toy more than worth the investment.

We think you will agree that the Teaching Cash Register Toy from Learning Resources fits the bill for educational fun, for young kids and adults alike, while also serving as a great tool to introduce kids to the real world experience of shopping!

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