Calling All Artsy Kids – An Artistic Staff Review

Let’s face it – kids are artsy. Whether they’re creating a colorful collage or designing fresh fashions, young artists will be begging for the latest and greatest art supplies for their needs.  Let me introduce you to the Introductory Art Portfolio from Creativity for Kids – the self-contained, artist travel tote that will have kids painting, sketching, and shading their way to Picasso-worthy perfection.

What’s to like?

The Introductory Art Portfolio combines three different artistic media in one complete package – watercolor, graphite, and oil pastels to deliver a complete creative palette! Creativity for Kids is partnered with Faber-Castell, who is known for crafting high quality, professional art supplies, so kids can begin their creative journey like a true artist. An artistic array unlike any other, this perfectly-sized portfolio features 6 watercolor pencils, 6 graphite sketching pencils varying in hardness, 12 oil pastels, an eraser, a stainless steel sharpener, and durable watercolor paper. For me, the watercolor pencils are the most fun because they work like a normal colored pencil, but when you brush water onto the drawing (with a paint brush or just your finger), the colors blend together to create a “washed out” design!

Introductory Art Portfolio

Plus, never fear for your child’s safety with this crafty portfolio because all the included materials are completely acid-free, which means they are better quality art supplies (and who doesn’t love that?). And, acid free paper is ideal for the preservation of artwork because it prevents your masterpiece from fading! Another great aspect of this artist portfolio is that all of the supplies can be stored in the vinyl case, which also includes convenient handles making it a perfect travel accessory! Perfect for those never-ending car rides!

The Introductory Art Portfolio is one of my favorite artistically geared activities because it encourages endless creative possibilities and further improves drawing abilities, both valuable assets for young artists, but it’s also perfect for teaching kids self-confidence. I’ll admit my drawing ability is limited to basic stick figures, but even I felt my artistic ability improve, just a little, after I tried applying the different techniques in the portfolio to my designs. Now my stick figures are a lot more colorful and slightly more realistic!

At the end of the day

For $27.95, the Introductory Art Portfolio provides kids, 11 years and older, with the perfect artistic tools, endless creative possibilities and a renewed motivation to craft a Picasso-worthy creation!

2 Responses to Calling All Artsy Kids – An Artistic Staff Review

  1. Jen September 17, 2009 at 12:28 pm #

    I had a kit just like this one when I was a child and absolutely loved it! I can remember my best friend and I would paint and draw for hours, the possibilities were endless…and having the personality I do I loved that it was all neat and organized. Thanks for bringing back a fond memory, I now know what to get the children in my life for the holidays.

  2. Judy October 8, 2009 at 12:50 pm #

    My daughter loves to draw and color on everything she can find with chalk, markers, pencils, etc. This kit would be a perfect way to give her some real artistic tools that might help her express her creativity in a more constructive way. This kit looks so neat!

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