Top 10 Calico Critters

That first holiday season that I worked at Growing Tree Toys, I was enthralled by the Calico Critters section. What I knew as Sylvanian Families in my youth had grown into quite a village of characters!

For the first installment of our Staff Holiday Picks, it was a no-brainer for me to countdown my 10 favorites in the Calico Critters family. And it’s an exciting time to do so, as we have just added some new friends and accessories to our collection!

10. Pickleweeds Hedgehog Family
These Tina Turner-esque hedgehogs are ready to perform, and you can complete the set with the Pickleweeds Hedgehog Twins (who have even bigger hair).

9. Caravan Camper
One of the newest additions to our Calico Critters family is this three-room camper that even comes with the necessities for any family trip: maps, games, sleeping bags, kitchenware and much more! The camper fits perfectly with the Convertible Coupe (sold separately).

8. Living Room Accessories Set
One of the most popular selections from our rooms and furniture section, this set is complete with a realistic television.

7. Rikki and Magnolia’s Shopping Trip Play Set
I have fond memories of making grocery store trips as a kid, and I still enjoy my weekly tasks of planning a menu, making a list, finding deals and clipping coupons. Young kids can find grocery shopping fun too with this set!

6. Baby Jungle Gym
This is a lot of fun packed into a toy that is less than $10. The new Baby Jungle Gym comes with a slide, doors and cubes and is ready to put together and keep a number of twins busy.

5. Deluxe Village House
While Calico Critters are small (and easy to transport) and can be played with anywhere, they sure do like to play in their house! This 3-story house has nine rooms and even a spiral staircase. See more homes and townhouses for the critters to call home.

4. Persian Cat Family
These cute cats recently made an apperance on our list of Top Specialty and Learning Toys of 2010, and are a one of the many sets of Families and Twins we have.

3. Merry Christmas Santa and Babies
This absolutely adorable Christmas-themed set, featuring Father Fox as Santa along with Honey Hopscotch Rabbit and Alex Caramel Cat, is just perfect for the holidays!

2. Friesian Cow Family
Since I was very young, I have always loved cows, and if anyone told me they’d ever be part of the Calico Critters collection, I would have jumped for joy! Well now I can as the cows are here. I am still buying my set today.

1. Frog and Lion Dress Up Set
It’s very hard to pick one number one for this list. But, in terms of cuteness, I think this is hard to beat. Animals dressed as animals! Here, Benji the Brown Bear Brother and Polly the Polar Bear Sister wear frog and lion costumes, and like all Calico Critters’ clothes they can be removed and interchanged.

See all things Calico, including the new items featured here and a lot more, in the Calico Critters corner of our website! Watch next week for another countdown of favorites from the staff here at Growing Tree Toys.

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