Building Cities out of Magnets! – An Attracting Staff Review

When I was a kid, my constant companion was a large bag of Legos – not a set of Legos, but a completely custom collection of random Lego pieces. I loved that each time I dug into my bag of Legos, I pulled out a random piece that let my imagination run wild! And as much as I loved Legos, I know I would have loved Magformers!


What’s to like?
Magformers Magnetic Building Toys are the colorful, magnetic building pieces that come in shapes such as triangles, squares, and pentagons (this shape comes with the large set and the cruiser only). Because these flat Magformers pieces are magnetic, they naturally attract and connect to build both 2D and 3D creations! So whether it’s a ball, a tower, or a monster – you can build it flat and lift it to create a one-of-a-kind 3D masterpiece.

While my Lego bricks were great for creating strong, solid structures, these magnetic Magformers offer a whole new dimension of play and constructive possibilities. In addition to the “build flat and lift” approach to 3D designs, Magformers also promote free standing 3D building that help kids combine the triangles, squares, and pentagons into a cohesive creation! I love that this type of building is perfect for developing logic and spatial skills, challenging kids to build outside the box, inside the box, or using the box!

While Magformers Magnetic Building Toys are great for open ended play and encourage the imagination, kids are not left wondering where to start with these building sets! Each of the Magformers Magnetic Building Toys sets features an idea sheet that prompts the imagination with design possibilities. For even more building ideas, kids can check out the Magformers interactive website,, which features tons of great building ideas in their “showroom.” And while kids may love these ideas and their direction, I know that they are going to love the unique building opportunities that these sets provide them.

I will always have a special place in my heart for my bag of random Legos – the toys that gave me hours of enjoyment as I explored, played, and made amazing constructions – but I know that Magformers Magnetic Building Toys would have been a perfect addition to enhance my building play. With a unique design and the cool magnetic component, Magformers Magnetic Building Toys are sure to “draw” kids in for non-stop building fun!


At the end of the day
With sets that range from $18.95 (for the smallest set) to $74.95 (for the largest set), Magformers Magnetic Building Toys, for ages 5 years and up, help kids use their imagination, develop building skills, and explore their creativity. Whether you’re working on your architectural portfolio or need a break from homework, Magformers are the toy for you!


This staff review was brought to you by Jon, a Managing Partner. Here’s a little more info (in his own words) about this long time Growing Tree Toys team member:
After years of living with and working in my family’s business, I returned to State College with my wife in 2003 to launch the e-commerce website for Growing Tree Toys. As part of this endeavor, I focus on the operational side of the business, which includes managing, updating and testing our website, overseeing the wonderful warehouse, and constantly evaluating our processes and practices. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our rambunctious labradoodle Toby. Music is a constant companion in my life and I love spending time enjoying the great Pennsylvania outdoors!

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  1. carol Mosier June 18, 2010 at 9:04 am #

    My grandchildren received some of these magformers as a gift. They are wonderful. I would like to know how to get some for gifts. I live in Pa and would love to find some. Can you help me?

    My zip code is 16426
    Thank you,
    Carol Mosier

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