Browse Toys by Age Group for Simple Holiday Shopping

Hello! It’s sure been a busy few months for us and we bet it has been for you too! It’s hard to believe another holiday season is upon us. We’ll be back with more on this blog soon, but for now we wanted to provide some ideas on how to use our website to help simplify your toy shopping for the holidays, while finding quality, educational toys that kids will love. Today, we take a look how to browse and shop by a child’s age group!

Our selection of baby toys for little ones up to 12 months proves you’re never too little to play! Stimulating toys that promote learning and growth, babies enjoy things that rattle or make other noise, are decorated with bright colors, or otherwise make them smile. Start them off right!

As one year olds grow, they are always on the go and ready for more involved playtime. They are developing imaginations and learning how to pretend, as well as growing confidence. They can use foot to floor ride on toys, stacking and sorting toys, as well as early learning toys.

2 year olds are ready to play! Busy toddlers are learning to play on their own but still often need (and want) help from parents and older siblings. These kids like to play with their hands, put things together and watch things work, so bath toys, musical toys, and construction toys are just right!

There may not be a bigger stage advancement between age groups than that of 3 and 4 year olds. These preschoolers are full of energy and ready for new experiences. They love ride-on toys, puzzles, early craft projects and more.

Early school-aged children, 5 and 6 year olds, hit huge strides in growth and development. While they are reading and learning to solve problems, they still enjoy pretend play and using their imaginations.

Developing more of an independent streak, 7 and 8 year olds definitely have more “favorites” and know how they want to spend their spare time. They are ready for tougher strategy games and more complex kits as their minds continue to expand.

9 and 10 year olds are growing fast, spending more time away from home and learning more about what they like and don’t like. They can take advantage of individual games and activities when they want some time alone, while more social activities like games and sports toys are fun for open-ended play with others.

As kids reach 11 years and older playing with “toys” may be far from their radar. Yet it is important that these older kids still find time to relax, unwind, and simply have fun! Puzzles, sports toys, and open-ended art and science kits would be among the enjoyable toys for this diverse group.

As always, kids may not necessarily fit in with their numerical age group! Use your best judgement and the experience you have with the child you are shopping for to decide if perhaps a toy labeled as ages 6 and up may just be appropriate for that bright 4-year-old.

Also check out our Gift Guide for our favorites for gift-giving, with about 50 toys hand-picked by each age group.

Happy Shopping! Come back to our blog to read more ideas for shopping within our fun toy departments or finding toys from your favorite toy brands.


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