Bringing Back Boogie Nights – Jazz Hands that Are Here to Stay

I’ve played the piano for years, and though I can belt out a pretty tune after weeks of pain-staking practice, I can’t compare to 11-year-old Edwin – the oldest jazz soul in a little boy body that I’ve ever seen. Plus, he is completely self-taught!

One of the most enthusiastic commanders of the ivory keys, Edwin had my body bouncing to the beat (and the song consequently stuck in my head) with the first note! – There is no doubt that this little boy has a lot of talent, but he is so entertaining that it leaves me with one question: Is he available for parties? Check out this boy boogie wonder:



Edwin can really keep the beat rocking, but if you want to bring the music down a notch, he’ll crank out a 1940’s classic – “Blueberry Hill.” Perfect for that “way back when” jazz feel, when you add Edwin’s swagger into the mix, you know it’s going to be entertaining. Enjoy!


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