Bounce, Pounce, and Flip – A New Action Sport for our Gymnic Hop Balls

I remember the good old days when extreme sports were skateboarding and skydiving, but as more kids and adults attempt to conquer extreme sports, sport innovators reinventing the concept of “extreme” in hopes of out-performing everyone else. While trying to create a sport no one has ever seen before, one amazing kid has combined two of my favorite childhood toys – the hop ball and the trampoline – to create the ultimate bouncing experience!

Now, you may love the original Hop Balls (as well as the colorful and sparkly ones made today), but did you ever dream of turning your favorite low-to-the-ground bouncing ball into a sky-high aerial assistant?

And while I loved attempting to perform front flips on my neighbors oversized trampoline, I never dreamed that it could be used as a building block for the most unconventional action sport I’ve seen to this day.

So, the question becomes what do you get when you combine a traditional Hop Ball, an oversized trampoline, and a dedicated aerial acrobat? Why, you ask? Here’s why … Drum roll, please!

(We don’t recommend you try this at home – ever!)

Can you believe this kid was brave enough to go toe-to-toe with two extreme bouncing forces and come out on top? I can’t! And (for 10 minutes after I saw the video), I was smug enough to think “it’s not that hard” until I took my old trampoline and my sister’s hop ball and tried to just bounce up and down – I failed miserably! This new action sport requires use of coordination muscles that I have yet to develop, which leaves me with a whole new respect for this fancy flipping, sky high daredevil.

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