Automoblox, the Mighty Mini – A “Vroom Vroom” Staff Review

Between my two adorable nephews and a ton of cousins, I’ve learned that interfering with a kid and his or her toy car is downright dangerous! But, surrounded by car-loving kids, I’ve seen every car you can think of – pocket-sized, ride-ons, noise makers, and magic movers. Improving the awesome idea of a toy car seemed impossible until I discovered the Automoblox Mini Cars Three Pack from Manhattan Toy! Not only do they provide the wonderful play qualities of a traditional toy car, but kids are also introduced to the concepts of building.


What’s to like?
Who says mini can’t be mighty? The Automoblox Mini Cars Three Pack is the rip, roaring next generation of traditional Automoblox Cars. This small (but formidable) set features the super sporty A9S orange convertible, the practical M9 light blue mini van, and the rugged X9X purple SUV. This pack is a great way to kick off any child’s Automoblox collection since each of the colorful vehicles can be taken apart and their pieces can be mixed and matched – it’s like playing with a new car each and every time! My favorite colorful car combination features the mini van body, the SUV tail end and roof, and the front end of the convertible to create my miniature dream car. Plus, when kids want the cars back to normal, they simply follow the color coded pieces for reassembly.



While many people love the original Automoblox vehicles, there are two reasons I prefer the mini cars. First and foremost, the mini cars fit in the palm of your hand. This small size makes it easy for parents to toss the cars in their bags and pull them out almost anywhere. Plus, small cars make it even easier for small hands to play with them, and who doesn’t love that? The second reason I prefer the mini cars is because they do not have the removable connectors that the original Automoblox need to switch body parts. While connectors are great for color and shape recognition, this extra step when building new vehicles may frustrate younger kids.

I find that the Automoblox Mini Cars Three Pack is a great educational toy because it grows with your child. Toddlers love the simplicity of the cars as they push them throughout a room “Vroom-Vrooming” as they go. As kids get older, they will enjoy the challenge of creating their own vehicle styles and expanding the imaginative play possibilities. And even better, each Automoblox vehicle comes complete with a personalized VIN number that kids can register on the Automoblox web site. By registering your Automoblox, you receive special “perks” that are not available to the unregistered public.


At the end of the day
For $29.95, the Automoblox Mini Cars Three Pack (A9S, X9X, M9), for kids 3 years and older, makes a great gift for any car enthusiast – young or young at heart! I dare you not to wonder what you could create!


This staff review was brought to you by Sarah, our Warehouse Manager. Here’s a little more info (in her own words) about this long time Growing Tree Toys team member:

My time with Growing Tree Toys started 4 years ago when I worked part-time at Growing Tree Toys as a floor associate during my chemistry undergrad at Penn State. I have since become the warehouse manager, making it my goal that each customer’s order is fulfilled and arrives in perfect condition. During my free time, I love taking road trips to visit friends and family. They have helped shape who I am today, and I will never pass up an opportunity to have some quality time with them!

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