Try The Toy: Automoblox Mini Cars Three Pack

Today’s Try the Toy guest post is by Shannon of Potamus Prefers! Shannon and her son take a closer look at the Automoblox Mini Cars Three Pack.

We received the Automoblox Mini Cars Three Pack for my three year old to test out. I was eager to test these since I had seen them online and in toy stores and wondered if they would be durable, easy to play with and something my boys could learn from.

The cars came packaged in an easy to open box with no ties, baggies or other annoying packaging. The Automoblox Mini Cars went from box to boy play in seconds. That is a huge plus to this mom and to her kids. What child wants to wait precious minutes while their parents untie and unscrew the toy from the package? I can honestly say that when I am trying to decide between several toys for Christmas gifts or birthdays, I consider the packaging and an overly packaged toy can be a deal breaker.

There is no assembly required. Each car arrives already put together. This set includes a Mini Orange A9-S Convertible, a Mini Purple X9-X Sports Utility Vehicle and a Mini Blue M9 Sport Van. Each car consists of three blocks for the body, four wheels, two body connectors, one roof and two people. I believe this car is age appropriate for my three year old, but if you have younger children, the parts are small, so I would definitely wait until they are older or let them play with it only with an adult. For this reason, I only bring it out when my youngest son is napping or when my husband and I can be right there now because he puts everything in his mouth.

My son loves this toy. He brings it to me and wants me to play with it with him. He loves mixing and matching the cars and I love how easy the pieces pop together. He loves making funny vehicles and then we race them. That always elicits squeals of delight from him. My son has developmental delays from a chromosomal syndrome, but is very smart. He loves puzzles and putting things together and is a huge fan of cars and trains. This toy has really helped with his gross and fine motor skills. He goes to occupational therapy to help his dexterity and his hand-eye coordination (amongst other things) and toys like this really help him. He watches closely as he delicately attaches the wheels and pops on the tops of the vehicles. Another thing that this mother loves is that these toys are durable. The wood is sturdy and it has withstood an entire summer so far of toddler play and still looks brand new. I am glad that we will be able to pass these cars down to his brother when he is old enough for them. He already wants to play with the Automoblox cars as he loves cars and building blocks. This is the perfect combination of the two.

I can honestly say that this is just the beginning of an Automoblox collection for us. These toys are lots of fun, but simple enough that toddlers can start playing right away. Parents will love their durability and easy open packaging. I also love that there are three cars so it’s the type of toy that several children can play with at the same time to learn cooperative play. That is something we are working on and having toys that promote that skill is a huge bonus.

See the cars in action with Shannon’s video review!

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