Automoblox: In the Fast Lane!

Manufacturer of the coolest wooden cars around, Automoblox had some exciting news to share recently:

Latest from Automoblox

Automoblox announces their sponsorship of Highcroft Racing. The Automoblox logo will be featured on the rear of the #1 HPD ARX-01c chassis that Highcroft will campaign in this year’s American Le Mans Series.
(via Facebook)

How cool is that? It even goes a step further as kids (and we bet, a lot of BIG “kids”) can have a Highcroft-branded Automoblox of their own. The wooden replica will even have its own trailer.

Latest from Automoblox

Watch for these newest additions to the Automoblox family in April! You can get more of the latest news from Automoblox via their Facebook page. (Check us out as well on Facebook or @growingtreetoys!)

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