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I guess playing with toys wasn’t limited to just my childhood – toys have become the passion of my adult life too! I was fortunate enough to move to State College with my husband in 2003, where we launched the e-commerce website for Growing Tree Toys, the business that had been in his family since the early 1980’s. Thousands of orders and new products later, we are still happily providing toys and smiles to children across the country! My days at Growing Tree Toys keep me more than busy trying to make our website the best shopping experience for our customers, shifting between searching out the newest educational toys, purchasing, writing and more – all of which provide a new adventure daily. And when I am not at work with my husband, we are at home hanging out with our loving labradoodle Toby! In addition to walking and playing with my pup, I also find time for running, reading, listening to music, and cheering on Penn State. Living in a college town and selling toys – the perfect combination for keeping you young at heart!

When I was a kid the worst thing I ever did and felt really bad about was… stealing a toy from Toys R Us. I went shopping with my parents around Easter time, and while in the checkout line, I stole a plastic egg that flipped open to reveal a little chick that “popped” out. I put it my coat, and we left the store. But as we drove home, I become increasingly nervous that my parents would find the egg and know what I did. So, when we got out of the car, I threw it into the backyard – which my dad saw! He discovered the egg, made me get my money, and we had to go back to Toys R Us to tell them I stole the egg and would now like to pay for it. Talk about traumatic – I felt SO bad and embarrassed!

When I was a kid my absolute favorite book was… The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. I just loved the adventure, the illustrations, the imagination – really EVERYTHING about it. We had a big The Phantom Tollbooth event at our local library, and I just fell in love with it upon reading the book for this event. I know that when I first read it I was too young to understand all of what was going on, but I enjoyed reading the book as I grew older and appreciated it even more. Answering this question makes me want to read it again now!

When I was a kid the movie/TV show that I would watch over and over again was… more than a few movies, but The NeverEnding Story was the movie that I was up for watching anytime! I think I saw it at a birthday party, and from then on, anytime it was on TV, I would watch it. We had HBO around the time that this movie came out on video, and I used to beg to watch it on cable all the time. I remember setting an alarm for 5:30am (unbeknownst to my parents) to get up and watch the movie one time – talk about obsessed!

When I was a kid the meanest thing that my sibling(s) ever did to me was… undress my Barbies! Although my youngest brother wasn’t trying to be intentionally mean, nothing would frustrate me more than coming home from kindergarten or first grade to find all of my Barbie dolls de-robed from an afternoon of my brother bathing them in the sink. I would beg my mom to keep him away from the Barbies – I even tried locking my door – but nothing worked. Every so often, when I would think they were safe, I would come home and there they would be, scattered across my room, undressed. And all my mother could say was, “I didn’t know what he got into, and then he was playing so quietly, I didn’t want to bother him.” Seriously, how many baths do Barbies need?

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