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While attending my final year at Penn State, I first joined the Growing Tree Toys team as a member of our warehouse team. After spending a year at the Growing Tree Toys warehouse, (and graduating) I made the move to work at the Growing Tree office as the Web Admin. I spend most of my free time going to see live music and spending as much time as I can with my friends.

When I was a kid my absolute favorite book was… “The Monster at the end of this Book.” Thanks to an aunt that loved this book almost as much as I did, I’ve heard Grover’s story literally hundreds of times. By the time I was old enough to read it to myself, I had already memorized the entire book (along with the appropriate voices and actions)!

When I was a kid my very best friend and I used to… skip recess so that we could “design” our very own video game. Nearly every day we would meet to discuss our new ideas, writing down any idea that we could both agree on. At the end of 5th grade, we had a book totaling well over 100 pages. Unfortunately our plans never came to fruition, but I often wish that I could find the time (and creativity) to do it again!

When I was a kid my childhood hero was… Bob Saget. I’m not sure how or why this happened, but I do know that video exists of me yelling “Bob Saget, save me!”

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“Yell At Your Grandma to Drive After It!”

Tweet It’s always difficult to let go of childhood toys, but after over 11 months of work, Fred Keller and Judy Foster recently proved you don’t always have to. The couple from Anchorage Alaska recently converted their 1976 Maza B1600 pick-up into a fully functioning, street legal, Radio Flyer wagon! Check out this awesome video […]

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Domino Rally!

Tweet Despite the sheer inability to keep a steady hand, setting up a Domino Rally was one of my favorite things to do growing up. I never managed to construct anything like the following videos, but it was always a fun experience — even though it almost always ended abruptly with an unexpected earthquake (also […]

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Zyclone Instructions

Zing Delivers Again With Foam Flying Fun

Tweet I knew immediately which new toy I wanted to review after I heard a combination of 2 things: • How much fun my bosses had with it at Toy Fair • Its creator (John Hunter) is responsible for Super High Altitude Research Program, otherwise known as the world’s largest gas gun Sporting a bright […]

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Searching High and Low to Bring You the Best Product Videos

Tweet I’ve been a visual learner all of my life. Whether learning calculus, putting together a complicated piece of furniture or deciding to buy a product, seeing a demonstration has always been beneficial to me. Part of my job here at Growing Tree Toys is to obtain and publish images of the toys we put […]

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A Pleasantly Sticky Staff Review: The Bubble Gum Factory Science Kit

Tweet One company has constantly stuck out to me as having fun and interesting toys: Scientific Explorer. With a range of science kits spanning from perfume to magic, the series has experiments for nearly every child ages 6 and up. I’ve heard a few horror stories about projects similar to the Bubble Gum Factory, sometimes […]

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Take Me Back Tuesday: Train Set Rivalry

Tweet Growing up, my brother and I constantly struggled to find common interests. My Christmas and birthday presents were typically the newest and most popular video games, while my brother’s presents included “toys” such as a Dremel tool and a Shop-Vac (I doubt I will ever see a 12 year old get so excited over […]

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