And the Winners are … 2009 Toys of the Year

While toy manufacturers dream that their products will win one of the prestigious toy awards; most industry professionals strive to hold one of the coveted Toy of the Year Awards! What’s so special about this award, you ask? The recipients of these awards are chosen strictly by industry professionals, or the people most intimately involved with toys on a daily basis (other than parents and children) and who doesn’t want to be recognized by their peers?

The 2009 Toy of the Year Awards were held in New York City at the American International Toy Fair this past February, where 12 products were awarded the Toy of the Year honor in 12 different categories. Growing Tree Toys is proud to acknowledge that 3 of our favorite products were among the honorees this year.

Drum roll please – the winners are:

Playmobil Horse Farm Girl Toy of the Year: Playmobil Horse Farm

This functional farm set is overflowing with equestrian accessories that will have young girls grooming, riding, and working the day away with their favorite animals – horses! I wish I had such a cool play set when I was little, but I’m still not too old to pass up a toy with as much personality as the Playmobil Horse Farm!

Bananagrams Game Game of the Year: Bananagrams

Go bananas for the Bananagrams word game – peel back the layers to reveal a side-splitting game for all ages. A scrabble word game designed especially for kids, but which adults love too, Banangrams requires no writing utens ils, no paper and no game board because players can play on any flat surface. Bananagrams is the only on-the-go game that can inspire such fruity fun!

Create Your Own Pop-up Books Kit Specialty Toy of the Year: Create Your Own Pop-up Books Kit

Combine two important aspects of children’s favorite books – exciting pictures and imaginative stories – to create a whole new 3D reading experience. The best part of the Create Your Own Pop-up Books Kit is that kids are designing their very own stories and flexing those imaginative muscles! After making their very own pop-up books, regular reading just won’t be the same.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see which of our toys will win next year!

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