And Now I Know That the Heaviest Horse in the World Weighed 3360 lbs!

I checked into the “I Love Horses Coloring and ARTivity Book” from Creativity for Kids this weekend.

It’s recommended for ages 3 to 93. I’m sure lots of girls my age like to color and some probably even spend 5 hours on a Sunday morning alone in the kitchen, coloring horses, and drinking pots of coffee by themselves and wondering how long they can put off taking their graduate school entrance exams. Right? Never mind.

Well, I enjoyed it. Coloring gave me some time to let my mind wander and I loved

blending with theFaber-Castell Erasable Crayons that I also grabbed from the Growing Tree Toys Store last week. Creativity for Kids claims that their crafts are fun for all ages and I’ll testify that in this case they are correct.

(The Faber-Castell Erasable Crayons were great! I got the 15 set. They really did erase, the pencil sharpener really did sharpen them AND they looked beautiful. )

“I Love Horses” is a quality, spiral bound coloring book, printed on watercolor paper that held up to a week of travel in my messy backpack. Many text books have not managed to do the same. The activities invite kids (or whomever) to participate more creatively than a standard coloring or activity book. There is even a paper doll horse to color, cut-out and accessorize! Here are some of the prompts:

“What’s your favorite color horse? Does it have spots or socks, or a stripe on its nose?”
“The Pony Express carried mail across the USA. Write a letter to someone far away.”
“The heaviest horse weighed 3360 lbs! Draw yourself on the scale too.”

The last prompt was my favorite because the horse looked so brooding. The book also includes pages with zebras, a hippogriff, a Pegasus and a Samurai on a horse.

The cool thing about the whole Coloring and ARTivity collection is that students in the Illustration Department at the Cleveland Institute of Art did the artwork. And Children’s Illustrator, Nicole Smith, collaborated on the “I Love Horses” book.

My watercolor paints are still in a moving box—so I can’t say with 100 percent certainty that the pages hold up to water, as Creativity for Kids claims. Although, judging by the thickness of the paper, I’m confident that water will not be a problem. I’ll let you know when I try it.

Coloring and ARTivity Books from Creativity for Kids definitely have my approval. They’re open ended enough that kids of all ages should be able to flex some creative muscle while learning about a range of topics.

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