Who Needs a Kid’s Basketball Hoop?

I loved visiting arcades as a kid, frequenting the pinball machines, Skee Ball, and primarily, basketball. I really liked the one with the moving hoop and both 2- and 3-point shots. While my skills have diminished over the years, they were totally trumped by a recent video I saw: a girl making 128 shots in a row!

This made me think, there must be hundreds of videos out there with kids showing off their shooting skills, like the amazing golden hockey goal I wrote about earlier this year.

One that caught my eye was this little boy who makes a whole lot of shots in a row. (And it’s real!) But what makes the video so great? Not only is he playing in a garage, but there is a “kiddie hoop” in there, and while it seems to be more “his size,” he’s obviously outgrown it already! How many do you think he makes in a row? Check it out:

Your kids can shoot hoops at home, too! Take a look at Baby Basketball for the little ones, and the Catch and Shoot Basketball Game for kids 6 and up!

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