Affordable, Hometown Family Fun: Minor League Baseball!

One of the greatest things about Minor League Baseball is that cities and towns that may not be large enough for a professional team still have a chance to exhibit hometown pride! As I originally hail from San Jose, Calif., though we had pro teams nearby (and eventually our own NHL team) the always local San Jose Giants were always special to me. What better place to be in the summer than at a baseball game?

Kids get autographs after a Lansing Lugnuts game.

Plus, nationwide, Minor League Baseball holds as one of the more affordable, wholesome, and fun experiences for families. As cited in a story from our own hometown State College Spikes:

“A survey of the 160 Minor League Baseball clubs in the U.S. and Canada that charge admission for their games found the average cost for a family of four to take in a Minor League Baseball game this season is just $57.70.”

That includes a game ticket, food and drink, and of course the game and related entertainment! It’d probably be difficult to merely get tickets to a theme park for that low of a price.

I show off my Spikes hat at a game last year.

Best of all, there are always fun promotions and money-saving opportunities to take advantage of. Here in State College, (whose season, among many, kicks off today), there are easy-to-remember deals every day of the week. To name a few, hot dogs are just $1 on Dollar Dog Mondays, “green”-themed giveaways highlight the award-winning Going Green Tuesdays, and Kids Eat Free on Thursdays! And another popular promotion all around the country: kids 12 and under can run the bases following the games on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The awesome Casper Ghosts logo!

At State College’s Medlar Field on August 25, in the midst of their 5th anniversary celebration, the Spikes will host “What If Night.” Donned as the Spikes (primarily an homage to the number of deer we have here), they’ll look back at other names considered possibilities: Anglers, Coalys, Furnace and Haymakers. But, there are plenty of minor league teams out there with truly amusing names, like the Lansing Lugnuts, Vermont Lake Monsters, Montgomery Biscuits, and my favorite, the Casper Ghosts! (The Ghosts even wear glow-in-the-dark caps; how cool is that?!)

I wholeheartedly recommend you rediscover your local minor league baseball team, or perhaps, take a roadtrip and see the festive stadiums, local color and ballpark treats that make the games an absolute blast for the whole family.

(Photo above of a lucky kid getting an autograph from a Lansing Lugnut is from their Facebook page. Locals: check out the State College Spikes‘ site to plan your fun this summer. Wikipedia‘s the source for ALL minor league teams and their websites. Finally, take a look back at our Play Ball! post from earlier this year for some top baseball toys.)

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