A Sea Shore Showcase – Magnificent Sand Sculptures

The fact is – sand gets everywhere! Whether you’re playing in a sandbox or lounging on the beach, sand will cling to every piece of cloth, it will fill every visible and unknown crevice, and it will provide hours of building amusement for youngsters and adults … who could ask for more?

I loved playing on the beach when I was younger because – for me – sand was the best thing since play-doh. Whether I was molding sand castles, digging holes until I struck water, or burying my dad up his neck, nothing was better than feeling the warm, coarse sand between my fingers and toes! However, my favorite part of every beach vacation was walking along the boardwalk where masters of the sand would shape, sculpt, and chisel amazing works of art in front of spectators!

Nowadays masters of the sand don’t need a beach to create their art, only a lot of sand, a lot of water and their trusty tools!

From the famous Ocean City, Maryland religious sculptures to classic ocean themes, sand sculptures represent a plethora of passions and myths. Without further ado – take a look at the sculptures of a few gifted artists!

I don’t know about you, but this is one 3D replica that is too good to be true! The only way this artist could add more “life” to these characters would be to add some Technicolor. Although I love the turtles – Crush and Squirt – the jelly fish steal the show as they seemingly “float” through the air.

While bringing your favorite characters out of the ocean to display on land is impressive, building a 5 star luxury castle for ocean royalty including Neptune, the god of the ocean, is an undertaking that (in my mind) is more difficult than rocket science! From inlaid graphics to chiseled stone work, it’s a shame these sculptures are – in fact – vulnerable to simple forces including water, wind, and gravity.

While I’ve never chiseled sand in my life, I (like many of you) have built my fair share of sand bucket castles. They may not have been pretty but they were fun to build! But for families who can’t make it to the beach or that don’t have the space for a backyard sandbox, never fear – sandy fun is never far away!

The only tabletop “sandbox” play sets I’ve ever seen are made by the Be Good Company, and thankfully, they come in a variety of themes and designs. Each set includes lots of accessories for kids to let their imagination run wild. Two of my favorite My Little Sandbox Sets are the Mermaid and Friends My Little Sandbox Set, and the Big Builder My Little Sandbox Set. While these sets aren’t the same as building on the beach, they’ll keep kids coming back for more play fun until they can get their hands and bodies and clothes covered

Then again, why would we travel to see sand sculptures when, in our hometown of State College, Pa, we have our very own exhibition each year. During the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, the Central Parklet becomes the home of some awesome artistic talent. A few years ago, Brad Goll spend 5 days (Wednesday to Sunday) sculpting a collage of “classic toys” that astounded and amazed – and held a special place in the heart of Growing Tree Toys.

Look closely and you can see some of the nostalgic toys from your childhood hidden within the collage. I picked Mr. Potato Head and the Etch a Sketch out from the crowd right away – they were always my favorite toys. Can you find yours?


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