A Puzzling Adventure, Captain! – A Global Staff Review

Kids can join the ranks of famous adventurers, including Columbus and Magellan as they sail the ocean, circle the globe, and – most importantly – build their very own “world” to explore! Globe trotters, high-sea adventurers, and puzzle enthusiasts can all claim a piece of The Earth Puzzleball from Ravensburger – the real-to-life mini-globe with a hands-on learning appeal that will prepare kids for their next grand adventure!


What’s to like?

The Earth Puzzleball combines two common favorite children’s toys into one complete package

– a challenging 3D puzzle (a perfect puzzling experience) and a real-to-life globe (which is fantastically functional). Unlike common puzzles, The Earth Puzzleball is the 3D puzzle with 540 curved durable plastic pieces that fit snuggly together to form a sturdy globe. My favorite part about this Earth Puzzleball is that the underside of each piece is numbered so that when kids stare at those seemingly impossible blue ocean pieces, frustration doesn’t deter this puzzling fun.

Plus, when the final puzzle piece is placed, kids will have their very own true-to-life globe that they can use as a decorative room element, a geography learning tool, and so much more. This Earth Puzzleball measures approximately 6” in diameter, making it the perfect size for kids to view all of the intricate details of the continents, countries, and cities – perfect for all those learning possibilities.

And thanks to the included metal rotation stand, kids have a wonderful 360 degree view of The Earth Puzzleball that also allows them to peruse land and sea at their leisure. So, whether kids sail the seven seas of fun and adventure or puzzle their way through the expansive blue ocean, The Earth Puzzleball from Ravensburger will have imaginations circling the globe.


At the end of the day

For $44.95, The Earth Puzzleball for kids, 12 years and older, provides the perfect tool to create endless adventurous possibilities and a renewed motivation to explore every “corner” of the world!


This staff review was brought to you by me, Kendra, Copywriter at Growing Tree Toys. Here’s a little more info (in my own words) about my time with the company:
I have worked at Growing Tree Toys for 3 years as a copywriter for our store’s website, where I get to play with demo toys to learn the “in’s” and “out’s” of all our products. Since I can’t really justify buying endless amounts of toys for myself, my family and friends are pretty much guaranteed to get presents from Growing Tree Toys – and no one is happier about that than my little 9-year-old sister! When I’m not tinkering with toys, I read every book I can find – and currently I own approximately 200 books!

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