A Pleasantly Sticky Staff Review: The Bubble Gum Factory Science Kit

One company has constantly stuck out to me as having fun and interesting toys: Scientific Explorer. With a range of science kits spanning from perfume to magic, the series has experiments for nearly every child ages 6 and up.

I’ve heard a few horror stories about projects similar to the Bubble Gum Factory, sometimes a little too much parental involvement was needed or a little creative thinking was required to pull the project together. I was hoping that I wouldn’t encounter such problems, but with a fresh college degree in hand (and a project that was designed for children ages 8 and up), I was confident that nothing could stop me.

The kit comes with (almost) everything needed to get started. Food coloring, measuring cups and a bowl you don’t mind getting a little sticky are all that is needed to be on your way to mastering the craft.The included 9 page instruction booklet is packed with an array of topics including the history of gum, fun facts, flavor suggestions and of course, detailed instructions on the upcoming project.

Mixing The IngredientsKneading The Gum

The entire project lasted about an hour (including clean up!), resulting in multiple unique batches of gum. The instructions were easy to follow and resulted in some very tasty bubble gum. Adult supervision is required, as a microwave is involved in the process. Also remember…a large, incredibly sticky, ball of gum could cause quite the mess if not handled carefully.

Unlike those horror stories I’ve heard, the Bubble Gum Factory was a fun experiment that is sure to entertain any kid who’s interested in science or merely playing with their food. One of the best parts about this project is that after the kit teaches you the tricks of the trade, it’s easy to resupply on the ingredients needed to continue making endless amounts of delicious bubble gum. Not only is the Bubble Gum Factory a fun science project, it’s also a great learning tool that can be used to teach the importance of measuring correctly and inspire creativity.

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