A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words (And I Have Eight!) – An Ode to Sidewalk Chalk Creations

It seems as though sidewalk chalk has been around since the beginning of time – it’s always been here whether white or colorful. I used to spend hours as a kid coloring stick figures on my driveway and playing hopscotch on the sidewalk (it was always a “I don’t know what to do” activity), but to me it was just a hobby that washed away when it rained. It’s a certainty that rain will wash away chalk creations, but it’s uncertain how chalk as an art medium will be used next.

I’ve always been impressed with the world of the street artist because they spend so much time creating a temporary work of art that is completely amazing! But street art has outdone itself, and its faithful chalk medium, with spectacularly realistic 3D renderings of life-like and fantasy subjects.

Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite works of art from a few very talented artists:

I hope you’re not afraid of heights because this artist’s 3D rendering of Green Label scotch has passerby’s looking twice as the bottle seems to rise above the water. I can’t believe the intricate detail involved – I’m afraid for the people standing too close to the edge!
Nothing about these beautiful blue birds will leave onlookers feeling deflated. From shading to shadows, this artist’s work brings to life an image that any bird chasing dog or bird watcher would love!
This is my favorite chalk creation because people are actually walking around the image! They think it’s real – that’s the mark of a true artist at work. That artist happens to be Julian Beever, an English artist who is famous for his art around the globe.
Once again Julian Beever creates a scene that almost everyone can identify with – Batman and Robin to the Rescue! The caped crusaders take on a whole new form as they climb their plane of existence into ours. Sometimes when I look at this artwork I’m fooled into thinking that it’s a page from a comic book instead of chalk artwork.

I’ve shown you a few of the greatest street artists from around the globe, but in our great hometown of State College, Pa we have our fair share of artistic talent. Street artists from around the country flock to State College during the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts to showcase their talent in the Italian Street Painting District. Here is a small sample of the dozens of “paintings” showcased last year:


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