A Nutritious Sneak Preview

Check your email tomorrow we send our last Email Updates message, highlighting the, well, highlight of many schoolage kids’ days: school lunch! (Not signed up for our Email Updates? Please do so, here!)


In tomorrow’s email, one of the things we do is “take a trip around the Web” to find some fun websites of lunchtime inspiration. You don’t have to wait though – we are taking a closer look at one of those sites today. Check out BentoLunch.net, also titled, What’s for Lunch at Our House!

Mom and blogger, Shannon, does an awesome job of showing off the Bento lunches she puts together for her two kids and husband. Pictured here is a cute Quesadilla Bento she put together this summer, as well as a back-to-school Pizza Bento!

Thank you Shannon for all your fun ideas, complete with bright pictures! See more at BentoLunch.net and check your inbox tomorrow for more school lunch fun.

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