A Growing Tree Toys Holiday Tradition – Christmas Eve, Elf Style

Christmas Eve has finally arrived and the elves of Growing Tree Toys want only one thing: to hang up their pointed elf shoes for a night of relaxation! After all, it was a very busy season.

As we scatter across the country to enjoy the holidays with our families, we (the busy elves of Growing Tree Toys) wanted to share some of our Christmas Eve traditions that have made our holidays extra special as we grew up, as well as those traditions that we enjoy today.


“When I was younger, Santa would stop by our house early, while we were at Church, and deliver brand new Christmas pajamas. Then, before bed, my mom would read The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg to my brothers and me.”      Kim – Managing Partner


“My sister and I would always exchange gifts on Christmas Eve after we hung our stockings. We also put out cookies for Santa before we went to sleep!”     Jon – Managing Partner


“My whole family goes to my Aunt’s house, after church, for some delicious food, outrageous laughs, and some holiday beverages.”     Sarah – Warehouse Manager


“Every year, my mom and I bake some fresh gingerbread cookies for Santa before we settled in for the night to watch 24 hours of A Christmas Story.”     Kendra – Copywriter


“What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? We’d love to hear about them!

Happy holidays from Growing Tree Toys!

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