A Garbage Truck Tough Enough for Any Child! – A Bruder Staff Review

When I was a kid, one of my favorite days was garbage day! Yes, I would sit in the front yard and wait for the garbage man to come so I could watch him use – what I considered – the coolest truck in the world and take away all our trash. The garbage man was well aware that I was waiting for him (the jumping and clapping may have given me away) and he would even let me come close to the truck to watch it in action. The only problem was that as children we love to take real world applications and apply them to play – but in this instance I didn’t have a toy garbage truck. I would’ve loved the Bruder Garbage Truck from Bruder Toys!

What’s to like?

Bruder Trucks are primarily manufactured in Germany and are crafted out of high-quality plastic, which makes them perfect for the roughest play kids (and adults) have to offer! And for young kids who really like to go “out and about” with their trucks, this Bruder Garbage Truck features a higher end rubber tire that is a perfect match for its durable structure – unlike the standard plastic tire that has a tendency to wear more easily. These enhanced tires make it a breeze to maneuver the truck over all sorts of surfaces – even extra rough terrain such as rocks! I love that for the size of the Garbage Truck, it’s simple to push, which makes it even more fun to play with.

When it comes down to the nuts and bolts of playing, the Bruder Garbage Truck features some awesome pretend play enhancements! For starters, the rear of the truck includes a trash can attachment where kids can mount their garbage cans and then dump it into the truck. My favorite part is the clever knob on the side of the truck that allows you to process your trash and move it to the back of the truck – just like the real thing!

The back portion of the truck also flips open and you are able to get to the main “garbage” area of the truck. I found that sometimes the flip-up portion can be a little sensitive and get stuck in the “up” position and may require an adult to get it back down – but after a few tries the child will be able to work it on their own. This section of the truck is cool because it acts like a secret compartment where you can store more trash, and it’s large enough to store some other toys to play with along your garbage route.

Plus, the cab of the Bruder Garbage Truck flips open so you can see the engine and “work on it.” It reminds me a bit of a semi-trailer, but it is a nice feature that extends the play value beyond the dumping and collecting of trash!

At the end of the day

Priced at a reasonable $63.95, the Bruder Garbage Truck is a rough and tumble toy that will take plenty of play punishment while providing a ton of pretend play opportunities. And don’t let the fact that this truck is made of plastic make you “trash” it – this hard core Garbage truck will last you a long time. But, I have to run – the garbage man is almost here!

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