I Hope Your House is a Fun House!

In my informal surveys, I’ve found that not enough people remember, or are even aware of the one and only Fun House!

Hosted by the quite quirky JD Roth, Fun House was in many ways your typical 80’s kids game show. Considered a bit of a Double Dare clone, Fun House sure had one thing “DD” didn’t – a giant Fun House!

My most vivid memories of this crazy game show are not actually from the TV show itself, but of its complementary computer game! The side scrolling game was housed on a pile of 5 1/4 floppy disks, and had an 8-bit version of the show’s theme song that still sticks with me.

Now, back to the show. A big thank you to YouTube user (fittingly named) FHfan731 who has uploaded some videos to “take me back” to when the show was on the air. The stunt I remember the most has to be Pinhead. The kids would wear a crown or hat with spikes on it, and sit on a chair that is “cranked” up higher towards a giant balloon filled with “glop.”

Another memorable stunt on the show is Hats Off to You where the kids choose one of a group of hats filled with glop (spaghetti, whipped cream, and the like), or if you’re lucky, glitter.

Now, as if that was not enough, here is the absolute messiest of montages.

Now what about the Fun House that’s featured at the end? Here’s a great example, complete with some commercials of the time (“Mr. Potato Head… and his bucket of parts…”)

For the most complete assessment of this fun show, check out the original fan site, The Fun House Factory.

So as JD Roth said at the end of every episode, “I hope your house is a Fun House!”


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