Top Travel Toys for 2010

Today’s kids have many more travel entertainment options than I did 20 years ago. Once on a road trip from Central PA to Baltimore I had a simple tri-fold Halloween greeting card that came with stickers. I really loved it. I loved looking at the purple night sky in the picture, at the witches and the graveyards. I took a long time to plan where to put the ghostly stickers, making sure I got the most fun possible. But then I got car sick and threw-up all over it. Terrible.

Being a kid is hard. Here are my top ten travel toy picks for today’s mini road warriors. May they use them in good health and have epic amounts of fun this summer!

Mermaid Sticker Tote

1. The Mermaid Sticker Tote would have entertained me endlessly as a little traveler. It’s a more versatile version of the Halloween card that I loved until its end. Peaceable Kingdom Press makes a ton of these adorable Sticker Totes, including the Fire Station Sticker Tote. Kids can have their own adventures in the backseat with reusable “cling stickers” on two background scenes. The illustrations are beautiful and everything packs away quickly into the handy tote. (NOTE: These brand new sticker totes will be on our website very soon!!)

2. The top travel toy for babies is the adorable Octivity Time Baby Toy from Lamaze Toys. With ten engaging activities on its stubby tentacles including a spinning starfish, crinkling noises, unique textures, a peekaboo mirror and clinky rings, the Octivity Time Baby Toy is an entertaining and comforting travel toy.

Natural Skwish Baby Toy

3. The Flip to Win Wooden Bingo Game from Melissa and Doug is designed to spice up car trips. There are four themed bingo cards featuring town, road sign, vehicle and country images. When a player spots something from the card, she announces it and flips the marker down. The first to get 4 in a row wins, with this neat 2 player game.

4. The elegant Natural Skwish Baby Toy from Manhattan Toy is an intricate web of smooth wooden beads, strings and rods. Babies can pull it, twist it and “skwish” it as they jet set to exciting destinations. No matter what, it slowly returns to its original weird shape! Made from replenishable rubberwood with a non-toxic water based finish, the Natural Skwish Toy is a travel toy you can feel great about!

5. Children of the World Lacing Cards from Eeboo are perfectly sweet and perfectly perfect on trips where space is limited. Lacing cards help develop hand eye coordination and fine motor control, but the Children of the World Lacing Cards have the added benefit of being adorable. The cards feature 5 kids dressed in cultural garb from around the world and pretty silk threads!

Everything A to Z Peek A Boo Bag

6. Kids love playing “I spy” out of the car window, but it can be monotonous for adults. Now the Everything A to Z Peek A Boo Bag allows kids spy out items on their own! It’s a sealed bag filled with small white beads and mini items. Kids squish it around to unearth the pieces they need to finish their lists. The Everything A to Z Peek A Boo Bag is clean, compact and lots of fun.

7. With big chunky pieces, the Dress Me Up Magnetic Play Set is an easy toy to use in the car. Four little girls in a funky purple bedroom need to get dressed for the day with the 35 included fashion pieces. It’s basically a less frustrating and more fun version of paper dolls. Best of all, the magnetic clothes are simultaneously wholesome and contemporary—setting a good example for your little girls!

Ellema Zoobie Pet

8. Sometimes on long trips, you just wish these kids would fall asleep! The Ellema the Elephant Zoobie Pet can help. Ellema can be a pillow, a blanket or a cute toy; it’s all in how you fold her! I’ve always had a preference for elephants, but we have Zoobies-a-plenty to choose from.

9. Let’s be honest, hangman is a pretty morbid game, but this little cowboy doesn’t seem too worried about his fate. He must have some faith in the letter guessing abilities of your kids. Patch Toys takes the classic chalkboard game and turns it into a magnetic travel game with the Take N’ Play Magnetic Hangman Game.

Wooden Latches Board

10. Last but not least is a travel toy perfect for preschoolers. The Wooden Latches Board from Melissa and Doug helps kids learn numbers, colors and letters while they master fine motor skills. It’s a cute board with six different latches to open and each one reveals a silly animal picture! It’s a calm activity and perfect for travel!

Happy travels! This is the first in a series of fun, family travel-related tidbits we’ll be sharing in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out more of our fun travel toys!” alt=”Kids Break the Record” />


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