10 Silly, Amazing and Creative Homemade Halloween Costumes

My mom always made our Halloween’s special by sewing amazing costumes. But even if you aren’t a genius with a sewing machine all it takes is a little creativity to make a kids costume that delights. I’ve collected some inspiration for you here. The links take you back to the original source of the photos. (By the way…I’m going to be a bearded circus lady this year!)

This Prancing Blue Rhinoceros was sewn with hot glue instead of thread! Who cares if it doesn’t look professional; it’s so cute and you can tell that the Rhinoceros is thrilled to be wearing it.

I found this Princess Robot in a post on the worst children’s Halloween costumes, but I love it. She even has robot legs under her dress!

This adorable owl costume is cute and easy to make. There’s a tutorial on alpha mom.

My little sister had a very similar Q-tip costume one year. Not one of our family’s proudest Halloween achievements but we still laugh about it. This little Q-tip went all the way with disgusting ear wax.

I don’t want to encourage cigar smoking among the twelve and under crowd, but this Boss Hogg Costume has too much personality to ignore. Boss Hogg is a character on the Dukes of Hazard. (If that seems obvious…I didn’t know).

My friends and I always wanted to be the Power Puff Girls for Halloween. Unfortunately too many people wanted to be Buttercup (the green one) and we never did it. These Power Puff costumes are great, they even have the mayor!

People go an extra few steps to make Halloween a truly spectacular event in Japan. This stylized, faceless, little girl is beautiful and creepy at a parade in Kawasaki. I don’t know how they made the mask, maybe it’s her real face. Gasp!

If you know how much I love singing that one song from The Labyrinth then you won’t be surprised to see Jareth the Goblin King on this list.

And here is the World’s Cutest Purple Octopus. The post explaining this costume choice is very sweet, I recommend it.

Finally I present to you a blue whale costume that is in fact, truly homemade. Isn’t the internet great?

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