10 Ideas for Creating an Easy Neighborhood Field Day

Kids Playing

A low-key neighborhood field day is a great way to recreate, exercise and have fun! Spending time outdoors with your kids will set a healthy example and organizing an epic field day for the families in your neighborhood can be as easy as planning a few activities and grabbing some burgers.

Here are 10 ideas to get you started…

1. Ask between 4 and 5 other families to meet you at the park some spring weekend for fun, food and prizes.

2. Make it into an “events potluck.” An events potluck works just like a potluck meal, except that each family brings supplies to create a play station. For diverse activities, ask someone to think of a team sports activity. Ask someone else to think of a craft, a race or a game. You’ll be surprised how creative your friends are!

Egg And Spoon Race Game

3. Have different stations and rotate so that kids get to do all of the games and activities. For some activity inspiration check out our funny Egg and Spoon Race Game, Alex Mini Golf or Alex Jungle Croquet Set!

4. Hold competitions like who can yodel the longest, who can make the craziest face or who got the most grass stains on their shorts by the end of the day!

5. Bring weird and silly prizes for the winners of the events. You could fill jars with dirt and then hide small toys inside so the winners get to be “archeologists” and unearth surprises. Rubber chickens, paper crowns, and costume jewelry are other good options.

Sergeant Peppers

6. Start the Field Day with a tongue-in-cheek welcome speech about the incredibly valuable prizes that are awaiting the champions. The speech should quickly introduce the activity stations. Wave your arms around a lot and wear a top hat or Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band jacket for this part! If acting ridiculous would make you feel uncomfortable, ask your most gregarious neighbor conduct the opening ceremony.

7. To give your field day some fanfare, get the kids to participate in some Play Chute Parachute activities!

8. Set up a face painting station!

9. Everyone will probably be having too much fun to go home at dusk. If so, you can set up a hunt for glow-in-the dark insects when the sun goes down. (These are easy to find at dollar stores). Or play some evening games with Glow Gertie Ball!

The final and most important field day advice I have is a major stress reliever.

10. DON’T ORGANIZE ALL OF THIS ON YOUR OWN! Get all of the adults involved, brainstorm together and divide jobs. Planning as a community will not only make the Field Day easier and less expensive for you—it will make it more fun for everyone as different ideas are born!

Friends, families, memories, and grass stains are some of the best things in life. I hope these ideas will get you thinking about great ways to get active as a family!

This has been a Growing Tree Toys “Just for Fun Post!” The image of the Beatles is from the Denver Westword Blogs. Photo of kids playing from Keith at the Almighty Dad Blog and face painting photo from the Leimert Park Beat Gallery.


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